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On our earth there are an abundance of beautiful images both natural and manmade. There is not one landform whether it is desert, plateaus, mountains, that beauty of some kind can't be found. Our waterways such as oceans and rivers are full of diverse living creatures and plant life; there is so much beauty we cannot see.

It is important that we humans try to recognize such beauty; once we recognize it we are more apt to care, when we see such beauty being threatened. One way to protect it is by becoming proud of the beauty that U have witnessed and record it. Such records could be done with a camera, by video recorder, smart phone whatever. The main thing is to capture such images so they can be seen and referenced around the world from this site.

We plan on having pictures from all countries of the world. Pictures would be loaded onto this website right into folders we have created for each country. U can access these folders by clicking on a tab we have created for each country. The tabs will be on a map on the screen or U can click on the countries name that U will find in a list in alphabetical order or U can search that country on our website. Once U are into the countries file U then chose from a variety of categories to find the one that is best suited for ur picture. U are limited to four pictures per category. All pictures are numbered. Each categories name is displayed within a box or tab that is made up from a picture contained in that category. The boxes or tabs will be all the same size and in alphabetical order. For each picture there will be limited space where U can be specific to what part of the country the picture was taken. Examples of some categories could be but not limited to manmade objects, landscapes, underwater, plants and animals. There will be a unique tab for Endangered Lands and Waters on this site. U will be able to write in the space provided what U know about the site. Perhaps the who, what, where, why and how of the site. Ur messge will be monitored. 


It is our hope that once U share ur special images that U might accomplish two things: (1) become proud of ur area and the object U recorded and (2) show others about what is special and beautiful to U and perhaps that will inspire others to protect it. Just think of the power such a site as OurearthandU would yield; as a place to show beauty, before it is destroyed by man.

We will have a section in OurearthandU  and OurenvironmentandU called: “Endangered Lands and Waters” to showcase threatened beauty; due to potential development such as logging, mining and other human activities and natural causes.

U would not only have a chance to show us what special to U and possibly ur people; but U could bring attention to a future possible environmental travesty. When negative development and possible environmental damage is done, U can follow what has taken place and how they're going to repair the damage in Endangered Lands and Waters.

It is important to realize that in order for our society to grow and develop, we need to alter landscapes or waterways, but the impact should be minimized, as much as possible. If a developer knew he was going to be held accountable for any unneeded or undesired land use, we would have a much more habitable and natural earth.


Worthwhile images can be found in objects too small to see and in some cases can be found right under our noses in the form of insects; or under a boat we might be on. In many cases it is not until their images are enlarged can we appreciate their beauty. Since most of us do not go below water snorkelling or scuba diving, we have to rely on others to record their pictures and films. We need many more exhibits of underwater imagery. The pictures and film could be endless as our earth's water masses are much larger than land masses and unlike land; much of the waterways have yet to be explored. Perhaps if we saw more of what is below the water's surface we might not pollute water so much.

Humans have shaped and reshaped this planet and have contributed to its beauty. Someday take a look at the sunsets or sunrises engulfing building, boats and structures such as hydro towers and ocean drilling rigs. Sometimes the sunrise and sunset are partially manmade as the chemicals (pollution) in the air cause our sunsets to have spectacular and vibrant colors.

In many cases the human image as part of a scene makes for a memorable picture. Their emotions are transparent by their expressions on their faces. Often the scene that the subject is in sets the stage for such emotion. Every picture tells a story and sometimes the character or characters in the picture invoke us, to have emotional feelings toward the subjects. Feelings such as: pride, anger, sadness happiness and more, make these pictures remembered.  Many of the memorable pictures involve things such as:  plant life and or various land forms perhaps a canyon or mountain being illuminated by a sunset or sunrise.

andUandU has given U many examples of worthwhile ideas of images U can capture on ur video and picture devices. Upload those images so the world can see what U find unique through ur eyes. Hopefully it will make people from all over our earth appreciate the beauty of this planet.

If part of what we see is being threatened and we deem it necessary to protect it, we will attempt to act on behalf of our civilization and its other inhabitants.

OurearthandU Financing

Our financing will be arranged by the philanthropist(s) who will be chosen after they contact us via the GET INVOLVED button.

We could get funding from anyone or any organization that cares about our earth’s well-being. We would go to governments, corporations (especially those that are into photography), environmental organizations, foundations, and individuals which include the top 10 billionaires (see and have fundraising events. Sell merchandise and have limited advertising. We may start a charity. Some of the money we receive will go to protecting our earth's natural habitat and be used for creating more.


There will be major changes to this website once we begin to function.


This site proudly displays the beauty of our earth. We can only hope that such magnificence shall forever endure and be remembered for what it is, not for what it was!